Update Available

A new version of Converseen has been released! Update your version in order to keep it working.

What’s New in Converseen – 2024-04-21 – Latest!
- Updated French translation
- AppImage version ported to Qt6
- Flatpak version ported to Q6 with libjxl support for ImageMagick
- Various Bugfixes – 2024-04-15
- Reading PDF files during import is now much faster (Works only with ImageMagick7)
- Service Menu is now compatible with KDE Plasma 6
- Fixed keyboard shortcuts
- Various Bugfixes – 2024-03-18
- Fixed problem with language file path in some Linux-based operating systems
- Updated Italian Translation
- Various Bugfixes

Read the full Changelog.

Download Converseen for Your Operative System:

Download for Windows

Installer or Portable Zip

Download for Linux

Source, Repos, AppImage, Snap and Flatpak

Download for macOS

dmg image for macOS 12+

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