Update Available

A new version of Converseen has been released! Update your version in order to keep it working.

What’s New in Converseen – 2024-02-06 – Latest!
- Fixed an issue with setting the resolution accurately when supported by images
- Fixed an issue with setting the correct resolution when converting PDF to image files
- The program now verifies correct installation of Ghostscript on Windows
- The Windows versions of Converseen are now codesigned by SignPath
- The Windows installer is now built using MSI (via cpack WIX)
- Updated icon to modern design, aligning with contemporary styles
- Updated Italian translation
- Various Bugfixes – 2024-01-08
- Added small improvements and optimizations
- Updated French translation
- Various Bugfixes – 2023-12-16
- Added new options for contributing to project development
- Added slight improvements to the user interface
- Updated Italian translation
- Various Bugfixes

Read the full Changelog.

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dmg image for macOS 12+

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