Download for Windows


Download Converseen for Windows


You can install the latest version of Converseen for Windows (XP/Vista/Seven/8) choosing these alternatives.

You can decide to download the free Converseen Bundle with 3rd party app supported installation program or to buy an activation key for the program (only 1 EUR) removing any Ad-Support with life-time duration. Both installations cointains the full working version of the program.

Purchasing the activation key is only a personal contibution to support the project and removing any ad-support to Converseen. It costs only 1 EUR and can be applied on any computer you want both for personal or commercial use.

Converseen Free Setup Buy Converseen (only 1 EUR)

In order to allow Converseen to manage PDF files you need to install Ghostscript on your system. You can download it for free here.

Other download options

You can download the setup installer of Converseen or you can get the portable version.

Converseen portable: [Download].